Snowflakian Dreams Consulting

We offer a confidential consulting side per an individual basis.  We do not disclose clientele or to who that is under our umbrella has consulted for whom.  If you've heard of our work by word of mouth or are interested in our services you can reach us by e-mail at for a response or price quote depending upon what needs you may require.

We only list clientele that publicly acknowledges our contributions.  Otherwise as a whole we tend to prefer to let the work speak for itself on its own per the client's own ambitions or desires.  We do not care about credit, only the opportunities to be allowed to help and create while being compensated appropriately as such for any guidance given in doing so.  All work is strictly confidential unless otherwise undefined for parameters of being so.

That being said.  Some clientele may want our name formally attached.  As such they are listed below.

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