What Is Snowflakian Dreams?

We are currently a consortium of friends and media enthusiasts that work together as an independent group.  We are not a business nor a defined model as such(as yet).  We are simply friends doing what we love and trying to bring our ideas to fruition per own individual copyrights of our creations.  As such, all consulting stipulations go to the individual that may have contributed to each endeavors as to their wishes.

All independent original work is also owned per the individual who created it and how they wish to divide up any additional compensation per those that contributed.  All work is creator owned and not the express property of Snowflakian Dreams unless otherwise noted.  All independent monetized works will comply to copyright restrictions as being fully original or otherwise cannot be monetized by us directly.

This blog is simply a medium to help collect the work of this group into one place to allow a soap box for the work to stand united.

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