Thursday, October 23, 2014


Due to some personal life issues that I'd rather not go into detail about, Snowflakian Dreams is going on an indefinite hiatus and postponing the planned announcements until a later unknown date.

There are still some pieces of big news, but due to circumstances surrounding the information, this will have to wait.

Currently speaking, one of the bits that may come forward is a chunk of the unpaid client list, as the ones that will be publicly listed have currently chosen not to pay for services rendered.  As such, I feel under no obligation to keep quiet on their usage of the services provided here.

The hiatus is not caused by this lack of honesty and abuses by companies that will be listed, and is more centered around personal issues of my home life.  Those companies that have yet to render payment are getting a mild extension until the home life aspects can be remedied.

Fame was not ever something I was after, it was something I was trying to avoid.  Apparently though, instead of paying their debts, they've opted to use that aspect in their favor in avoiding it.  At least a good two thirds of the corporate end ones.  The individual basis ones have mostly paid through other means that usually involved a form of charity action or extra endorsement to certain causes.

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